Our Services

General Contracting/CM

As the General Contractor we bring the highest level of trust and integrity to our clients. We value our role in success of your project and take all the steps needed to ensure the end product is one that meets your needs and makes us proud. Selecting Edge as your general contractor means you leave the details to us. 

Construction Management

As the Construction Manager we view our role as a partner and an advocate for the Owner. Working together from the project’s inception, the Edge Construction Management Team can quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges.


Utilizing a design-build delivery system provides single-source responsibility and the potential for a fully coordinate and rapid project turnover. More and more Owners and Clients are selecting to the design-build process for their construction and renovation projects seeing it is a way toward achieving best overall value. 

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD is a delivery methodology that fully integrates project teams in order to take advantage of the knowledge of all team members to maximize the project outcome. Integrated Project Delivery is the highest form of collaboration because all three parties are aligned by a single contract. 

Pre-Construction Planning

Our project teams (from project managers, estimators and schedulers to superintendents and engineers) work carefully with clients and design teams to analyze their program and when necessary propose suggestions and alternatives that provide value and reduce cost without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the Owner’s project.

Special Projects

At Edge Construction we realize that not every project fits neatly into a construction service category. Our Special Projects Group works with clients on special construction projects of all types to suite their unique requirements. Our group is built to respond to unique construction challenges that might not be ideal for a traditional large construction project approach. 

Sustainable Construction

As construction professionals, we understand our responsibility to build and create with as little environmental impact as possible. Edge Construction is committed to emphasizing sustainable practices for all our projects, whether we incorporate green building practices or fulfill requirements for LEED certified construction.